Prof Amit Kumar Mishra

Director of the National Spectrum Centre

AMIT KUMAR MISHRA (Senior Member, IEEE) is an active researcher in the domain of sensor design, telecommunication, radar, applied machine learning, and frugal innovation. His current areas of research are joint communication and sensing (JCAS) and bio-inspired computer architecture. He is currently a Professor with the Department of Computer Science, Aberystwyth University where he is also the Director of the National Spectrum Centre (NSC).


Dr Syeda Fizzah Jilani

Lecturer in Radio Spectrum Engineering

Dr Syeda Fizzah Jilani is a Lecturer in the Department of Physics, Aberystwyth University, UK, where she is a course coordinator for MSc. Radio Spectrum Engineering.


Prof Andrew Evans

Head of the Department of Physics

Andrew Evans is professor of materials physics and head of department at Aberystwyth University. His research interests lie in the development and characterisation of new materials and device structures for electronic, photonic and sensing applications. He has led projects on science, innovation, instrumentation and networking, including collaborations involving international and industrial partners.


Helena O Sullivan

Helena O Sullivan

Business Development Officer

Helena O Sullivan is the Business Development Officer supporting projects at the National Spectrum Centre.

Helena O Sullivan

Anikó Német

PhD student and Research Assistant in engineering physics

Anikó Német is a PhD research assistant studying engineering physics in the Physics Department at Aberystwyth University. Her research is on exploring innovative designs and methodologies comprehending, simulating, and constructing prototypes of 5G millimeter-wave antennas.