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MS Degree

Aberystwyth University’s Department of Physics offers an MSc degree in Radio Spectrum Engineering, which covers underlying theory and applications of the radio spectrum, and involves core theory for the field, research-led themes, practical applications, and engineering skills modules.

The MSc course coordinator is Dr Syeda Fizzah Jilani, a Lecturer in the University’s Department of Physics. Before taking up her post at Aberystwyth, Dr Jilani worked as a research scientist at the University of Maine, USA, on a US Department of Energy (DOE) project on the technology transition of harsh-environment RF sensors to the industry. She was awarded a Ph.D. in Antennas and Electromagnetics from the Queen Mary University of London, UK, in 2018.


Dr Jilani’s research interests are in the field of electromagnetics, radio wave propagation, RF spectrum monitoring, reconfigurable antennas, flexible antennas for the next-generation wearable electronics, millimetre-wave antenna arrays for 5G and beyond, high-frequency printed metasurfaces, surface acoustic wave sensors, and transducers.

Professor Andrew Evans also teaches on the MSc and there are options to study the course either partially or entirely through the medium of Welsh.

MSc Wireless Communications and Radio Frequency Systems Engineering

The University is also developing other courses in Radio Spectrum Engineering aimed at students as well as local industry and businesses looking to upskill staff in these increasingly important areas.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

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KTP is a world-leading programme that helps businesses succeed by connecting them to the UK’s rich academic resources. It’s a partnership between the business seeking expertise, a university and a recently qualified (post)graduate – known as an Associate.

Your project can last between 12 months and 3 years. KTP will fund up to 75% of all third sector applications. KTPs offer a three-way partnership between an academic, a business and a graduate.  Collaborating to deliver a strategic project, this dynamic partnership is focused on sharing expertise, experience and resources to bring about change, embed knowledge and deliver growth. That’s great value, especially as evidence shows that businesses, who invest in R&D, grow twice as fast and have higher exports compared to non-innovators.‌

For more information please contact Helena O Sullivan